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Treacle was founded in 2000 by Lee Dunham, Doris Brendel, Huggy Harewood and Iain Finlay and soon found themselves playing a staggering 200 gigs a year. At that time night clubs were thriving and chains were spreading throughout High Streets across the country keeping the band very busy indeed. Over the years the social climate changed and Treacle found themselves migrating more and more into the family market, becoming adept at entertaining multi-age audiences to great effect.


Lee and Doz have remained with the band throughout, though the rhythm section has changed over the years featuring Steve Clark and Graham Lyons on drums, and Chris Dunham and Sparkie Dalton on bass. 2014 saw the addition of Lincoln Spalding from Australia and this year Sam White has joined on drums.


Treacle are highly memorable and very different from other bands: everyone wears crazy and fun costumes. The varied instrumentation (bass, drums, guitars, mandolin, saxophone, fiddle and flageolet) along with 3 part harmonies add versatility and character. Lots of audience participation and fun props keep children and adults alike entertained.


Doris and Lee are also recording artists in their own right. If you wish to find out more please click here:

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